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Sonic The Hedgehog 4

It has begun...

Yes, Sonic Team has labelled Project Needlemouse as Sonic the Hedgehog 4. That's right, now there's even a chance your "classic" series will be ruined now too.

It seems that Sega has let Sonic Team go the route of Nintendo, rather than Capcom, by introducing the sequel to their classic series as a 3D platformer (much like New Super Mario Bros.), instead of taking the easy way out and deciding to keep it as it was, as Capcom did after their 3D platforming Mega Man games went down hill.

The only thing that strikes me as intriguing in the trailer...well other than the fact that it's heavily influenced by Mega Man 9's trailer (well, at least the first 10 seconds) is the little locked rectangle next to WiiWare at the end:

It probably means something already, but it seems like it will be released on another platform other than the main three consoles. iPad anyone?

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