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Re: Uncharted 2

oh man, i finished the game a few weeks back, and i have to say, i havent really seen a more beautiful game short of MGS4, they really managed to take full advantage of the PS3 hardware.

in short, i say its one of the best games ive played, its what the action adventure genre should have been and now uncharted 2 is the new bar in my opinion. its what Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider should have been, but never were.

the story was done quite well, though obviously over the top, but still very enjoyable, Drake really has bad luck to be dragged into so many messes... but im really glad they took the time to really work on the little details and the art and etc, which you will learn about why they paid soo much attention to detail in the extra vids you unlock after beating the game, and i have to say, bloody well done Naughty Dog, bloody well done.
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