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Re: Battle for 91.8 The Fan

Account Name: Neoridgeback

Character Name: Neo


Weight: Thin/ athletic

Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): Average

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Skin Tone: average white skin color

Personality: Oddball, goofy, random, kind, sincere, awkward. This describes neo and more. Mainly ignored by people except for his friends who put up with his oddball behavior, Neo is the kind of person who would go out of his way to help some one. He is always trying to lighten the mood and find a silver lining even when there isnt one. despite his awkwardness he always make an effort to fit in. Not good with social confrontations. He can find his way pretty much anywhere on foot but become directionally challenged when in a vehicle with out a partner telling him where to go. Though he is great driver in a pinch he has the tendency of going of the set path and getting lost more often then not.

Personal History: He grew up in a small beach town along the coast. He grew up a loner due to most people ignoring him except for a few of his friends. He was always ignored due his constant need to shoot his mouth off without thinking. Due to his small town nature he never could deal with large cities and as a result had a hard time traveling outside of his small town with out getting lost. He was trained for 10 years by a great master of martial arts who taught him every thing he needed to know about fighting and more when he was taught the ability to manipulate the flow of his energy to certain parts of his body to increase the strength of his upper body and/or the speed and jumping height when focusing it in his legs but is unable to focus both power and speed at the same time. after being feed up with being ignored in his own town he sets off on the road to discover himself....and immediately gets lost

Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): good

Stengths: Martial Arts Mastery, Combat Expertise, above average intelligence, great operation computers and vehicles

Weaknesses: social confrontation, directionally challenged in a vehical

Weapon: (does swinging kroze around like blunt object count as a weapon?) His fists and what every you can throw at him, guns, swords, staffs, ect

Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): manipulate his energy to strengthen various part of his body, arms/ upper body= strength, legs = speed / jump, cannot focus on more then one area at a time

Picture(If Possible):(working on a new one use this for now)
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