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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: joegoku

Character Name: Toubei Kagetsu

Age: 19
Weight: 85 kg
Height: 180 cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Tone: Europeane
Good or Bad: Good

Personality: He is someone who protects his Friends, no matter what. He likes swords
like Dual-wielding and Katanas.
He never gives up, stands up after every loss to end those battles in a victory afterwards. You shouldn´t underestimate him >:D.

Stengths: Good in handling Swords of all kinds; he protects his honor
Weaknesses: If friends are in danger he doesn´t hesitate to help them; his honor-feelings;
Weapon: A Great-Sword, 2 Katanas (can be Single or Dual),

Abilities/Magic: He´s got a black Mark on his right Arm (if activated it turns green), that can give him much more Power, increase his speed and let him think faster and better, but on the otherhand, it reduces his lifespan and weakens him as an after effect for some days. It symbolises a form of Ying and Yang. He can use Ninja-like technices (Fire-Style-Jutsus).
(not Active)

Edit: I did Draw someone on my own and will upload it as soon as possible. Its kind of an beginners drawing, so pls dont think of something big ;).
Edit 2: My Drawings are up :D

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