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Re: Chat Quotes

Ceru's Story

[10:08] <KaelemGaen> moo
[10:20] <+Zehutsumei> oink
[10:27] <+Dophanes> squak
[10:27] <+Kyon|Animoooo> AFLAK
[10:32] == Mathes [] has quit [Quit: I'll spoon out your eyeball!]
[10:34] == Kyon|Animoooo has changed nick to Kyon|afk
[10:37] <@Cerulaine> Deaddd IRC
[10:37] * Cerulaine revives it!
[10:37] <+Dophanes> Ceru!
[10:37] <+Dophanes> sh...
[10:37] <@Cerulaine> o.o
[10:37] <+Dophanes> Im enjoying the quiet
[10:37] <@Cerulaine> I had a dream
[10:37] <@Cerulaine> Lemme tell it
[10:37] <@Cerulaine> Shhhh
[10:38] <@Cerulaine> :P
[10:38] <+Dophanes> share your dream Ceru
[10:38] <+Dophanes> quietly
[10:39] <+Dophanes> WHAT?!?
[10:40] <+Dophanes> I CANT HEAR YOU
[10:40] <+Dophanes> SPEAK UP!
[10:42] <@Cerulaine> Oh sorry
[10:42] <@Cerulaine> I got sidetracked >>
[10:42] <@Cerulaine> It was a vampire dream -.-
[10:42] <@Cerulaine> They haunt me even in my dreams D:
[10:42] * Cerulaine cannot escape them
[10:42] <+Dophanes> oh god....
[10:42] <+Dophanes> friggen' vampires
[10:43] <@Cerulaine> I know right? -.-
[10:43] <+Dophanes> always sparkling on my lawn
[10:43] <+Dophanes> they need to get their own damn lawn
[10:43] <@Cerulaine> Lol
[10:43] <@Cerulaine> So it started with me being in a store, like lowes
[10:43] <@Cerulaine> Which apparently had a fancy restaurant in it as well o.O
[10:44] <@Cerulaine>
[10:44] <+Dophanes> what did this fancy restaurant serve Ceru?
[10:44] <@Cerulaine> But i went to this restaurant with a friend, no idea who this person is, but apparently in my dream they were my friend lol
[10:44] <@Cerulaine> I dunno but I saw a lot of people waiting so we went to the back, it was a gorgeous place
[10:45] <@Cerulaine> dark red velvet curtains
[10:45] <@Cerulaine> Low lighting
[10:45] <@Cerulaine> So we get to the back and see what seems to be the vampire area >>
[10:46] <+Dophanes> lol they have their own area?
[10:46] <@Cerulaine> We run! and we're chased because apparently some of the humans waiting for regular food are served to the vampires
[10:46] <@Cerulaine> And since we saw them
[10:46] <@Cerulaine> We need to be killed
[10:46] <@Cerulaine> So we run and I hide in the lowes area
[10:46] <@Cerulaine> But I wake up
[10:46] <@Cerulaine> So I dunno what happens :(
[10:47] <+Dophanes> facinating, I expect a sequel
[10:47] <+Dophanes> but it better be better than new moon -.-
[10:47] <+Dophanes> which is very likely
[10:48] <@Cerulaine> Lololol
[10:48] <@Cerulaine> That poo stripper
[10:48] <@Cerulaine> She was eaten alive
[10:48] <@Cerulaine> poor even XD
[10:48] <+Dophanes> lol XD

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