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Re: Zero's Manga Concept

Silver reminds me a bit of a helmetless Blues. But colour would probably change that.

Based on the summary it could be really good depending on where you take it.

I have no idea of what GAW is aboot, but it could work, though 10 characters may be a bit much.

Gundam, like real Gundam, can be very good, or very bad. So I would have no idea until I see more info on it.

And the rest are just titles, so again, no idea. But my suggestion would be to try and devote your time to one projejct (probably Silver because it seems the most fleshed out) opposed to trying to work 5 at once. Of course, if ideas come, you have to acknowledge them with a summary or idea so you don't forget them, but it's best to backburner them and focus on one I think.

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