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Love Lab Episode 004 Discussion

I laughed A LOT in this episode, mostly because of the deeper lie that Riko kept burying herself in and Sayo's constant doubting of Riko's "love experience".

Sayo gave so many chances for Riko to come clean, but Riko just didn't want to give up! lol Yes, she is "such a retard"! XD

I liked how the suggestion box is sort of making the student council into a love council.

The lingerie thing with Maki's dad was just too hilarious. And the SONG he sang. I can't imagine the embarrassment that poor Maki must have felt...on top of having the prototype bra named after her! XD

Suzu suddenly getting courage was precious as she told off Sayo.

Gotta say that Suzu is becoming a favorite...and her one liners were too much! "Maki-senpai is perfect, even if you turn into a bra!" I lost it.

Really fun episode.

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