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Re: Gaining/Losing Weight!

Ok. I'm ignoring the double post rule because this is 3 years old now lol.

So. The weight loss. It kept going for another few months. Then it came back over the next 2 and a half years. All of it.

What I did worked, and I could do the exact same thing, and not get lax and it'd work just as well. Instead, I'm trying something different.

I'm still using (well, using it again. The main issue is I DID eventually stop.) but I'm doing the keto diet. Basically it's VERY low carb, maintenance levals of protein, and the rest is all fat. The whole low fat craze didn't make sense scientifically. The whole basis of fat being terrible for you started with force feeding starving rabbits fat (rabbits of course being herbivores...) There is also the fact that carbs mixed with fat isn't that good. (carbs aren't that good at all, but the goodness of fats and protein can be countered by them.)

So now I'm drinking keto shakes (basically like soylent, but tailerd for the keto lifestyle), eating meat, cheese, and eggs, as well as things like dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, and Peanut Butter (natural, no sugar added).

It's awesome. The reason this diet is so awesome is because starving yourself of carbs tells your body to use fat as fuel. What this means is when you use up nutritional calories based on what you eat your body makes a smooth transition to using stored fat as fuel. This means no crashes, very little hunger, consistent levels of energy. So I eat abuot 20g of net carbs (subtracting fiber and some sugar alcohols/substitutes) 100-150g of protein, and whatever else in fat.

Because I'm running such a deficit (14-1700 calories) its more even in terms of protein and fat, if not more protein.

Following this, from April to now, I've lost about 45 pounds. Still have a long way to go, but I will get there.

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