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ComiPo! manga creator software

For you manga creator fiends out there, I've been messing with a great and simple manga creator software called ComiPo!

Stumbled onto it thanks to Otaku-Verse Zero on Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll has since become a US partner/distributor for them.

It's a great "light" version of manga creator software that, to me, is a much simpler interface than say...Manga Studio.

It's only $49.99 (and can be direct downloaded from Crunchyroll's website)

There are a bunch of free and purchasable add-on packs that allow you to fashion your characters with extra items, clothes, and other accessories.

Here are some characters I created on a whim using ComiPo!





And here's a simple 6 cell manga that I created.


Had lots of fun making these. Worth a look if you don't want to spend too much money on manga software (there is a demo available as well).


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