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Re: Prinny Dood! AKA the Disgaea topic

Originally Posted by ZshadowX View Post
yeah I heard that rumor also, just dont get your hopes high
Ugh. I could go on and on about the disappointments I've had with games that were supposed to be released outside Japan but weren't. In fact, the main reason I chose to start learning Japanese in the first place is so I could play Japan-only games without an English translation. Still not at that level of literacy though, all those kanji I still have to learn are killing me. x.x

Anyway, on the topic of Disgaea, I sure hope they release it here. I mean, I know Disgaea 3 didn't sell all that well, but come on, they brought Disgaea Infinite over here, most likely to appease the cult fanbase - and this will be a main game in the series, they've gotta localize it here!
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