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Re: Your favorite western cartoon/animation

Originally Posted by ClearMetalVoltar View Post
liar liar pants on fire!!!( i know that u cant prove it due to forum rules)

ahhh i remember all of those epic saturday morning toons. ducktails,sonic,marsupulami,darkwingduck,chip n dale,mightyducks,timon and pumbaa,ahh real monsters,loony toons,duck dodgers, dexters lab, johnny bravo,ren and stimpy,beavus and butthead,cow and chicken,tom and jerry,recess,filmore,the tick,eek,teachers pet,etc......................................

those were the good ol days T-T I NEED A TIME MACHINE!!!

I remember most of those. Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck were probably my favorite of those you mentioned. I'm also reminded of Tale Spin and Inspector Gadget. Good stuff.

Oh, did anyone watch Angry Beavers? XD
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