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Re: Prinny Dood! AKA the Disgaea topic

Prinny gets his salary docked forever as a result of Laharl getting himself half assassinated while in persuit of Etna's new super ultra rare pudding. With the help of Toc, a magic girly voiced clock, Prinny must go back in time to unravel the mystery of Laharl's would be assassination and prevent it, and subsequently the Prinny pay dock. The only snag is that the Prinny is knocked unconscious within the first few minutes of the game, so he must move by possessing the bodies of other characters, only moving along their paths, with the occasional option to mindcontrol them and tell them what to say in order to alter events. All in all it's interesting, if a little convoluted and trivial, but then that could go on to describe most Disgaea games.
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