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Re: Userbars

Wow, I would have never thought about it getting confusing. Yes, the first few times I was logged in, I didn't know those were mods or staff members. But, it wasn't very long, maybe a few threads of reading to realie they were mods/employees.

The rules seem really strict about impersonating staff or mods, but I'm sure if it was a purchased officially, ya'll wouldn't ban us after buying one. ^_~

Personally, I'd be willing to pay as much as $20...IF someone made it for me. I suck at drawing and have very little photoshop skills. My avatars and sigs were all made by others who offered to make them on the other forums I'm on, out of their own kindness.

So, maybe you could offer a lower price for those that wish to make their own, and a higher price if you'd be willing to make/design one for someone. Of course, that's up to your skill level/how much free time you have.
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