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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

I don't branch out much, and my favorites are a little cliche, but here's my top 10:
1.) Fruits Basket (Manga more than anime, but I still love it)
2.) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Manga and anime both)
3.) Naruto (Stupid series got me addicted 4 years ago! Ahaha)
4.) Red River (Aka, Anatolia Story. Manga only)
5.) Bleach (Basically everything from the Arancar arc back)
6.) Negima! (Manga, anime, second anime, second manga)
7.) Death Note (Love the originality and it's amazing for a short shonen series!)
8.) Vampire Knight (More of a manga fan)
9.) Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga, second anime series. Not a fan of the eff up on the first series, but it was decently well made...)
10.) Chibi Vampire (Aka Karin, manga only, haven't watched the anime!)

This was difficult after the seventh one. Ahaha. I'm more well-rounded after a few main anime series, so it was slightly difficult... Like, I'm still an expert on other series like Loveless, InuYasha, Kodocha, and Chobits, but I wouldn't consider them my favorites. ^^;

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