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Re: Why the jerks/bad dudes always get the best women and more: My philosophy + rant


I know my statement is gonna be just completely empty on the subject. But both sides of the argument are both wrong AND right. Like what Molly-chan said before, girls think differently, guys too, from MY POINT OF VEIW, it seems like girls either are hoping to change the "bad guy" image that everyone else sees in their special someone, that or feel they themselves are special because they "see something good about him". Now some girls are just "meh" and go for whatever peeks her interest in the slightest, bad boy or prince charming, then we have the fairy tale kind who just want the perfect romance, and highly ideal family life style, grow old together have 2-3 kids, who are college graduates me and such... which is nice but then some girls lose that idea and end up going for the bad boys thus betraying their spouse, and it's not just the girls, guys do it too, and you can't say "especially men/women" because... frankly it's a "I rule, you drool"-argument.

Now I'm no super special expert on dating, heck, I've been abandoned and cheated on with my best friend, and i have whacked standards when it comes to both girls and guys (I always fall for girls who don't want kids for some reason...) I'm the LAST person you wanna look toward for how to find your "special someone".

In short, it's really ALL just "Spur of the moment.... or "love at first sight" (which isn't any better, it just means you oogled them before you actually knew them you dirty, dirty person you....).

I say screw trying to impress them, let them come to you, getting girls (or guys in some of our cases) is not worth the hassle.

-ducks a dart-

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