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Re: World Of Warcraft

They actally haven't released it on the beta realm yet, but as soon as it is released I will let you know. Also I will be starting a new thread for the Cata stuffs just so we don't clog this one up. :)

And I might as well post my info here since I haven't yet

Server: Sargeras (Mostly alliance though I have one horde toon there)

Main: Teva, 80 Night Elf Druid

Alts: Fumika 80 Human Rogue, Zasha 80 Draenei Warrior, Tarika 80 Human Paladin, Amanojaku 80 Gnome Warlock, Xíuhcoatl 80 Gnome Death Knight. I also have another 80 Night Elf Rogue named Moosquared on Lothar.

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