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Re: Chat Quotes

Thu[03:31p] <+Camajak> I'm a voyeurist -.-
Thu[03:31p] <+Camajak> kinda
Thu[03:31p] <@DJ_DS> ...
Thu[03:31p] <+Amui> .....
Thu[03:31p] <+Camajak> LOL
Thu[03:31p] <@DJ_DS> Camajak, I never want you within 30 feet of me
Thu[03:31p] <+Camajak> not in, like, public >.>
Thu[03:31p] <@DJ_DS> Ever
Thu[03:31p] <+Camajak> d'awwww
Thu[03:31p] <+Camajak> :<

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