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Re: Chat Quotes

Wed[01:20a] <+Camajak> I won't be single during college :(
Wed[01:20a] <+JinnRemona> Do you know how I know I found the right girlfriend for someone like me? She's better at Mario then me.
Wed[01:20a] <+Camajak> Makes me sad...
Wed[01:20a] <+Camajak> I wanna look at pretty guys!
Wed[01:20a] <+Dophanes> ha!
Wed[01:21a] <+Drago142222> awwwwwwww
Wed[01:21a] <+Camajak> or girls!
Wed[01:21a] <+Camajak> well
Wed[01:21a] <+Drago142222> giggity
Wed[01:21a] <+Camajak> I'll look anyway... XD

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