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Re: Chat Quotes

[08:05] <Cameron> Q!
[08:05] <SaiQ> Cameron!
[08:05] <Cameron> Q, do something to make peeps be more active!
[08:05] <Cameron> It's dead in here!
[08:05] * SaiQ strip tease
[08:05] <SaiQ> like this?
[08:06] <DS|_> ...
[08:06] <DS|_> No nudity, PLOX
[08:06] <Cameron> Then where are your pants, DS?!
[08:07] <DS|_> I'm wearing a kilt!
[08:07] <SaiQ> !
[08:08] <Cameron> Is that all?
[08:08] <Cameron> Just the kilt?
[08:09] <DS|_> Indeed
[08:09] <Esdian> Kilts look scratchy..
[08:09] <SaiQ> nothing underneath the kilt? =O
[08:12] <DS|_> My kilt is amazing
[08:12] <DS|_> It requires no other clothing
[08:13] <Cameron> Ewwww...
[08:15] <DS|_> You won't be saying 'ew' when I paint half of my body blue and lead thousands of scottish men in a charge toward your city
[08:16] <Cameron> I would still do that
[08:17] <Cameron> I'd be all:
[08:17] <Cameron> "Ewwww, that guy is naked and is half blue, he must be a fan of Avatar"
[08:18] <DS|_> And then I'd decapitate you.
[08:18] <DS|_> Fair exchange
[08:18] <SaiQ> rofl
[08:18] <KaelemGaen> haha


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