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Re: Chat Quotes

(6:39:57 PM) Elcu: i prefer it to be high 60's low 70s
(6:40:06 PM) Elcu: so its slightly chilly
(6:40:13 PM) SaiQ: I prefer mid 70's
(6:40:14 PM) twilly: I don't even want to discuss heat right now. >>
(6:40:16 PM) Drago142222: i love 50's
(6:40:18 PM) Elcu: its allot easier to warm up then cool down
(6:40:35 PM) Drago142222: elcu u can only take off so many cloths
(6:40:46 PM) Elcu: thats what i ment
(6:40:55 PM) Drago142222: before it becomes illegal
(6:40:57 PM) SaiQ: rofl
(6:41:12 PM) Dophanes: only drago can change weather into a sexual subject lol

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