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Re: Chat Quotes

Fri[12:40a] <+Cameron> Oddly enough Dargo with bear Pajamas is....
Fri[12:40a] <+Cameron> Well
Fri[12:40a] <+Dophanes> super special awesome best friends
Fri[12:40a] <+Cameron> Moe
Fri[12:40a] <+Amui> Later EE
Fri[12:40a] * +Amui ( Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Fri[12:40a] <%EagleEyes> Amui wait
Fri[12:40a] <Nirvash_Redempt> IM LOST NOW!! TT.TT
Fri[12:40a] <+Cameron> Drago is Moe now

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