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Re: Chat Quotes

Litespeed: is that... is that a BANHAMMER!?
withasigh_: it puzzles me frankly XD
Chibi-Katanashi: lol
Cameron: Not for another 60 seounds?
Chibi-Katanashi ties Cameron to EagleEyes and tosses them in the 918 river
Cameron: *drowns*
withasigh_: it will go silent in about 45 seconds wont it
Cameron: *is dead now*
litespeed: DOOM TIME
DS|_ has joined (
Chibi-Katanashi: sigh: i will probably be up a lil longer than 45 seconds...
Chibi-Katanashi: =P
litespeed: ARGH
Chibi-Katanashi: maybe like 10-20mins more... dunno
withasigh_: Oh god its DS

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