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Toonpenguin is meh
17:12 *** Iskierka joined #918thefan
17:12 +++ GlaD0S has given voice to Iskierka
17:12 Jessi_ O.O
17:12 Jessi_ is rather confuzzled
17:13 slash_nick what has 2 hands and is typeing? me
17:13 Toonpenguin well its not soundbreaker, he can't really troll people XD
17:13 Jessi_ Sound can troll
17:13 Toonpenguin and he can also do push-ups to pokemon names XD
17:13 slash_nick .nowplaying
17:13 Brie Now Playing: Taku Iwasaki - Libera Me From Hell
17:13 Jessi_ Hes an Aussie, Aussies are the best rollers ever
17:14 Jessi_ trollers*17:14 Toonpenguin rollers XD

16:23 Sasukeuzi i feels so tires
16:23 Kanashimi Whhhhhhhhhhhhy
16:23 Kanashimi Did you peeps go out on Black Friday?
16:23 Kanashimi That's bad
16:23 Sasukeuzi ._.
16:23 Sasukeuzi ?
16:23 Kanashimi People die when they are killed on Black Friday
16:23 Kanashimi Just sayin'

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