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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[04:16.34] * Zero_Gravity is a lonely Zero
[04:16.38] * NeonX is a lonely Neon
[04:16.55] <Stitch_Ahoy> o.o
[04:16.57] <%Zero_Gravity> Neon, lets get hitched
[04:17.02] <%Zero_Gravity> Dibs on the Seme
[04:17.09] <Stitch_Ahoy> I'll marry you two if you want :D
[04:17.12] <Stitch_Ahoy> I'm a captain >D
[04:17.21] <%NeonX> LOL
[04:17.32] * Stitch_Ahoy falls over in hysterics

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