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Re: Battle for 91.8 The Fan

Well I gees is never to late

Account Name:Cheflelouch
Character Name: Lelouch Vaz Girugamesh
Age: 21
Weight:Thin, about 125lb
Height:Short 5-4
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Yellow
Skin Tone: Pale
Personality: His a gentle person who will help any body that is hungry, but have problem approaching people because of a language barrier, but still he tries his best to get to know people, his kindness can turn into madness relative easy as he hates how people does not respect food trowing it away or wasting it because of his code as a Chef
Personal History:He comes from a small island found 100 miles to the southeast of Amarctium called Xochi that is protected with a barrier that prevents to be discovered, All his life he has spend it on a kitchen cooking for the people with his father, from who he learn every thing he knows and the code of the Chef.
when he became 19 he was exiled from the island after an accident in which he helped people he should have not, this cause him to go and search in the outside world for a new place to stay and follow the advice of his father to go to a place in which his cooking skill were needed
Good or Bad: Good
Strengths: His cooking skills are at a Master level that allow him to cook any kind of dish with even the lowest types of food, since hi is at a mastery level in combat he can use his utensils as real weapons that no ordinary person could. another adventage of bean a master Chef is the quality of things he can made, he can be compared to a Master magician in the art of making potions.
Weaknesses:his code his his weakness as he sometimes tend to forget what is important and what is not and when he is angry he does not actually care about what happen to him until he calms down
Weapon:Set of knifes he can use is knife as if he were to be a swordsman but the blades are smaller and way faster, cooking pans he can use them for cooking as well for attacking and defending
Abilities/Magic:He comes from a island were everyone knows magic but since he did not actually cared about that he only learn one simple spell to increase the temperature of things he use, he learn it cause it would be easier to cook something without fire. since he is a chef he actually has a body that can resist high temperatures without getting burned
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