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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: jessileo127
Character Name: Jessica Marie Lionheart
Age: 19
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc): Thin, with slight muscles.
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): Slightly taller than average...
Eye Color:A silvery green with a outline of deep blue
Hair Color: A reddish brown, going to just below her shoulder line, coming up in multiple layers, a slight fringe to the right side.
Skin Tone: An almost goldeny colour, A really good tan ^.^
Personality: At first she'll pretend to be all good and innocent, when she gains peoples trust she quickly turns. She has a twitch of flicking her left hand when angred or when thinking. She speaks with a slight accent, dropping 'H's and elongating 'R's.

She rarely smiles, often found in secluded areas like open fields practicing her magic, or nose deep into a book. She has very few friends. Jessica is the kind of person that will talk right into your face but attack from far away.
Personal History: Abandoned as a kid by her parents she blamed the world for her problems. She learned magic by sneeking into a nearby school and secretly developing the lessons for her own gain, quickly finding her affinity to wind magic she used the wind to make people drop items such as food and clothing, she survived into teenage years.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): Baaaaaad <3
Stengths: She has a terrific sense of balance, she prefers to be in open areas when using her magic. The more open the area the better her magic.

She learns quickly, able to find infomation out of the smallest things. She uses all infomation to her own advantage, whether figuring out how to steal an apple from a market stall to figuring out a persons weakness.

She is able to sprint for a extended period of time, although this will put a strain on her magic if she needed to fight afterwards.

Clostrophobic- She hates being in small spaces for extended periods of time, she can go into small spaces for about a few seconds before starting to get all jitterey...

Scared of the dark, or not being able to see- she prefers being in well lit areas, even when she sleeps.

She normally only wears loose, flowing cloth clothing. She hates being in close combat, she has a reflex of pushing people away with a strong gust of wind if they charge her.

Weapon: A small pocket knife, mainly used for cutting up food. Inexperianced in using it as a weapon, she holds it in her right hand.
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): Wind magic
Picture(If Possible):

Good/Bad- Defiantly bad

Abilities/Magic- Most of her attacks are Wind baised, exept the usual Scratch, bite, slap and kick that all good females have.

Gust of might - A Relfex attack, she uses her hands to show a shove and the wind carrys on gaining speed and size the further it travells... It dissaperates when it hits the aquired target... Has a cool down of 10 minuets and puts slight strain on the users mana/body.

Slash, Hand version- User waves her hand in a diagonal way towards intended target. Wind is carried on and solidifies slightly so that it can cut leather armour, bare skin will have a slightly deep cut. This puts a small strain on the body/mana.

Slash, Knife version- Used as a last resort, the pocket knife is used in a slashing motion, wind spirals around the knife, almost in a rasengan way the target is pushed away. This attack is only used in close range, the wind is pressurised enough to dent plated armour. This attack puts alot of strain on the body/mana.

A helping start- The user jumps, wind pushes her in any direction the caster chooses, giving her height and a head start in any chase. Jessica will land on her feet lightly because of her brilliant balance... This puts a small strain on body/mana.

Howling fury- This attack needs time to build up, A gust of wind is directed at the targets ears, blowing the eardrums and causing great pain. This causes medium/hard strain on body/mana. Has a cool down of about 15 mins

Whispering fury- Jessica uses the wind to howl and whisper misgivings into the targets ears, causing mistrust/confusion within a group. Each person will hear different things.
Also can be used to bring people to her side of an argument or cause. This attack needs time to build up, it also causes medium stress on body/mana. Has a cooldown of about 15 mins.

Silver Arrows- Jessica holds out her hands and the wind stirrs, small darts of wind fly at her target. small annoyances at first but they start to grow in power the longer she held it.
Needs a cool down of about 10 mins, longer she holds it more stress on body/mana it takes... No cooldown but if stopped, she has to start again from small darts.

If you need any more attack I'll be happy to make some more up...


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