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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: Shidohari
Character Name: Tajah Black
Age: 21
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc): Athletic
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc): 5 foot 7 inches so i guess that's average
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Color: Black with midnight blue highlights
Skin Tone: normal asian or caucasian type skin tone

Personality: Very open with her close friends, of which she has very few of, but she keeps to herself normally. Doesn't really show emotion very often. can tend to be stubborn when she has her mind set on something. If she gets angry she gets over it pretty quickly, or after a couple hours.

Personal History: Adopted into a martial arts family as a baby. Has no knowledge of her original parents. Learned martial arts from her adopted family, but also found she had a love for reading as well as occasionally writing poetry as a hobby. Prefers not to fight unless absolutely necessary.

Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later): you pick

Stengths: Reading and Research. Has a gift for finding any bit of knowledge or information she was searching for at the time. She's an accomplished martial artist, though she prefers ranged weaponly.

Weaknesses: with all her skills in combat she tends to avoid battle as much as possible, which makes her seem like a coward in most cases.
Weapon: bow/crossbow . Her other weapons consist of shirruken and two sais she uses if she's forced into close combat.

keen eye for her ranged weaponry skills,
very adept at finding out information or data

Special Weaponry attacks:
Bow: Sonic Shot - One arrow shot at such a high speed that it creates a Sonic Shockwave as it cuts through enemies.

Sais: SaiStrike - I don't know what the attack movements for Tajah on this one. this was also the best name i could come up with.

Picture(If Possible): None
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