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Re: Kalafina- Consolation

I made the mistake of not buying up Kalafina merchandise, etc on Friday morning when I first walked by their booth at Dealers Hall. There was even a raffle for a huge banner of Fate/Zero with Kalafina on it.

I told myself I'd get back to it I was in figure shopping mode. Never made it back. Gah, I'm so stupid!!!

I'll probably end up grabbing their CD's from cdjapan. Trying to get enough albums together to save shipping costs (I have Yousei Teikoku, Scandal and Stereopony CD's in my cart...Kalafina collection should be good enough to pull the trigger and finish the order! lol)

Anyways, yes, I thought their music up til now was awesome, but listening to this new album has taken me from fan to fanatic of Kalafina! XD

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