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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

About five minutes after the first competitor signed up, another had appeared. Her name was Colette. She's sixteen years old, and also had blonde hair. Around her neck was a gold Key Crest with a red gem in the center. Her outfit was mostly white with the exception of a blue trimming around part of her clothes. Placed behind her back were silver chakrams. Underneath her skirt was slightly tight black pants. This was followed by also white shoes.

Colette was confused on her whereabouts. There were many people trying to get in via buying a ticket. Over by the audience entrance was a security guard. The teenager smiled and made her way over to him.

"Excuse me," she asked. "Can you tell me where the registration booth for this tournament is, please?"

The man glanced at her. He pointed in the direction to the booth. "Just go a little further to the right and you'll find an entrance for competitors."

"Thank you!"

She continued walking to the right for another minute or so. Soon, she came up to some clear double doors which, from the other side, showed a women behind a booth. Taking a deep breath, the nervous maiden opened one of the doors. Entering the building, one step after another, she tried to calm herself down. Approaching the women, she was now about to enter the tournament.

Meanwhile in the Waiting Room, a male fighter had entered. He had took notice of the female magician who was leaning against the wall. He checked out her outfit design. Magician Girl looked over at him. Then, the fighter spoke.

"Look, little girl. If you think that look will stop everyone from attacking you, then you obviously haven't met a true warrior like myself!" he said, very cocky.

"It never happened yet," she replied. "Though, you shouldn't jump the gun about a person so very quickly from their outfit. Who knows, this 'little girl' could beat you. Not by looks, but by power." She gave off a quick smirk.

Colette had finished registration. She made her way over to the Waiting Room. The girl soon noticed a male figure with stitches on his clothing about to enter as well. Spotting him, she remembered how hard the tournament could be, especially not knowing who she could be up against.

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