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No, not the goofy game! No, not Pink. The band is called Plink?

I love following more obscure bands that may not get as much recognition. I found out about Plink? thanks to my obsession with Girls Dead Monster.

Plink? was founded by two talented women named Akane and Futami. Akane plays bass and vocals and Futami plays guitar and vocals. They are former members of The Scanty who enjoyed some serious popularity in Japan back in the early 2000's. After The Scanty broke up in 2003 (only after two years on the scene...very strange but there is no press out there about what happened. I follow Yoppy (lead vocals), Futami (lead guitar) and To-Bu (drums) on Twitter but I don't dare ask them about it...prolly none of anyones business right?)

Anyways, back to present time. Akane and Futami were asked by Visual Arts/Key to perform alongside LiSA and marina when Girls Dead Monster was brought to "real-life" for several appearances and tours back in 2010. They were also brought back for Visual Arts 20th anniversary celebration last month as Gldemo was resurrected for another live show along with all of the performers of the various music from all of Visual Arts/Key series (I MUST get that show on bluray when it comes out...I don't care about the cost! LOL)

Plink?'s music is quirky with a lot of synth created content. But after hearing several of their songs on iTunes, I became a fan. Akane and Futami's podcasts are cute and sometimes hilarious with appearances by their blog alter-ego's Arthur (Akane) and Future (Futami) who are rabbit and cat puppets that they made. Even if you don't understand Japanese, it's hilarious to watch them. They act like two sisters almost all of the time.

It was after watching Angel Beats! and being moved by the stories and especially the music that my search turned to find out all about the music. It's when I found out that Akane and Futami were part of this wonderful saga and that's how I was lead to Plink?

TL;DR Go check out Plink? on iTunes!!! NAO! XD

Here are some samples of their music (don't mind the video quality those were my first videos using Windows Movie Maker before I bought Powerdirector 10! LOL):


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