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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[01:04.08] * CociCookie ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[01:04.18] <%nerdwerld> D:
[01:04.18] * CociCookie_ is now known as CociCookie
[01:04.29] <Stitch_Ahoy> Ahaha... the awesome powers of refreshing >D
[01:04.59] <+CociCookie> xD
[01:06.13] <Stitch_Ahoy> Well... I pressed play and it didn't work so now I am totally out of sync XD
[01:06.27] <+CociCookie> Ahaha smae Stitch xd
[01:07.02] <Stitch_Ahoy> It's coz we're British D<
[01:07.09] <Stitch_Ahoy> Racist link DX
[01:08.30] <+CociCookie> XD
[01:09.01] <+CociCookie> It's now a radio show XD
[01:09.10] <Stitch_Ahoy> Yup xD
[01:09.12] <%nerdwerld> lol
[01:09.34] * Stitch_Ahoy is very tempted to put that on Chat Quotes...
[01:09.45] <+CociCookie> xD
[01:09.48] <+Quostin> So... the new persona fighting game is player vs player with their "Special" thing being their persona
[01:10.04] <+CociCookie> Makes sense
[01:10.10] <Stitch_Ahoy> I think I might... I mean it made me laugh XD
[01:10.21] <+CociCookie> Doitdoitdoit
[01:10.24] <Stitch_Ahoy> I SHALL >D
[01:10.33] <%Eternal_Scholar> 0.0

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