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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

12:28 Team> eternal i need it since i work and go to school i have loads to read for american hystor and speach class so try to read when you havent had much sleep i almost didnt go to class cause i almost fell asleep
12:29 Zero_Gravity> Whats to learn?
12:29 Zero_Gravity> American history:
12:29 Zero_Gravity> British people showed up
12:29 Zero_Gravity> Hung some ugly ladies
12:29 Team> its from 1877 to the present
12:29 Zero_Gravity> kicked england's butt
12:29 Zero_Gravity> did some things
12:29 Zero_Gravity> invented the internet
12:29 Zero_Gravity> done
12:30 Eternal_Scholar> xD
12:31 Team> wait dont forget the creation of the worst comapny in hystory Microsoft
12:32 Zero_Gravity> don't forget to go to English class too

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