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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[04:11:44] <LeviathanMist> lol
[04:11:45] <LeviathanMist> Haku
[04:11:52] <LeviathanMist> I went to go search for Miku Hatsune
[04:11:52] <Renku_the_Panda_Maid> o.o Plants for hire?
[04:11:58] <LeviathanMist> guess what I searched for instead
[04:12:05] <HeikaHaku> Hiku Matsune?
[04:12:06] <Renku_the_Panda_Maid> Minorin?
[04:12:06] <LeviathanMist> "Haku Mitsune"

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