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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[22:08:58] <@HeikaHaku> If anyone sees King, tell him Haku said that "Haku sucks, and I have no idea what it is. ;D"
[22:09:01] <+xxjellybeanzxx> HeikaHaku: ANYTHING VIC MIGNOGNA.
[22:09:02] <@HeikaHaku> I mean
[22:09:04] <@HeikaHaku> HOMESTEAD
[22:09:05] <@HeikaHaku> NOT HAKU
[22:09:10] <@HeikaHaku> NOBODY SAW THAT!
[22:09:12] <+xxjellybeanzxx> xDDD
[22:09:14] <@HeikaHaku> I'M NOT THAT TIRED YET!
[22:09:19] * everyone is now known as Dophanes
[22:09:25] <@LeviathanMist> chat quote tiem

[01:17:39] * Duck ( Quit ( )
[01:17:48] <@HeikaHaku> What the Duck?
[01:17:52] <+twilly> D:
[01:17:52] <@LeviathanMist> Duck him
[01:17:57] <@LeviathanMist> he can go duck a duck
[01:17:58] <+twilly> HAKU WATCH YOUR MOUTH
[01:18:02] <+twilly> MIST!
[01:18:10] <@LeviathanMist> Twilly, want a duck?
[01:18:12] <@HeikaHaku> lol
[01:18:15] <+twilly> I am ducking appalled.
[01:18:16] <@HeikaHaku> Mist
[01:18:22] <@HeikaHaku> I don't think he gives a Duck about your Duck.
[01:18:34] <@LeviathanMist> well that's f***ing riduckulous
[01:18:36] <@LeviathanMist> oops
[01:18:37] <@LeviathanMist> ducking*
[01:18:39] <@HeikaHaku> .lol
[01:18:41] <+Renku> o.o
[01:18:41] <@HeikaHaku> lol
[01:18:44] <@LeviathanMist> good thing it's that time
[01:18:48] <%grimdefeat> lol
[01:18:48] <@HeikaHaku> Yeah
[01:18:51] <@HeikaHaku> That was hilarious.
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