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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

[00:07:02] <+Rugal> I will now be referring to hatch as Dr. Freeman
[00:07:11] <+ggbhtg> Cool
[00:07:22] <@Cerulaine> I wanna call someone something different
[00:07:30] <@Cerulaine> Hmm...
[00:07:41] <@Cerulaine> I like the name...Bartholomew
[00:07:50] <@Cerulaine> Who wants to now be Bartholomew?
[00:07:54] <@LeviathanMist> You do
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[00:08:02] <&GlaD0S> [LeviathanMist] Good heavens, just look at the time!
[00:08:02] * GlaD0S sets mode +o LeviathanMist for #918thefan
[00:08:04] <@Cerulaine> No
[00:08:10] <@LeviathanMist> D:
[00:08:16] <@Cerulaine> :D


[00:12:03] <+Renku> I beat another dude off
[00:12:09] <+Renku> :o
[00:12:11] <@LeviathanMist> No comment


[01:29:26] <@DJ_Kusari> But that Brigade we made?
[01:29:30] <@DJ_Kusari> Can you link Twilly to the picture?
[01:29:35] <+MiaDaichi> mhm
[01:29:41] <@DJ_Kusari> He should find it pretty amusing.
[01:29:43] <+MiaDaichi> gimmie a sex
[01:29:44] <@DJ_Kusari> And thanky. :3
[01:29:45] <+MiaDaichi> **sec
[01:29:46] <@LeviathanMist> Kusariiiiii
[01:29:46] <@DJ_Kusari> Okies.
[01:29:47] <+MiaDaichi> goodnes
[01:29:49] <@DJ_Kusari> Miiiiiiiiiist!
[01:29:50] <+MiaDaichi> >.>;;
[01:29:56] <@DJ_Kusari> Minorin is in the near future! I have SEEN IT!
[01:29:56] <@LeviathanMist> What's in store for your show today?
[01:29:59] <+ggbhtg|Sonic-ing> best typo all day
[01:30:00] <@DJ_Kusari> As is X Japan!
[01:30:05] <@LeviathanMist> You answered my question before I asked
[01:30:09] <@LeviathanMist> You are talented
[01:30:10] <@DJ_Kusari> xD
[01:30:11] <+MiaDaichi>
[01:30:18] <@DJ_Kusari> ^ Twilly
[01:30:25] <+twilly> Mist, everyone who is friends with me can get VIP whenever they ask. I'd make sure of that. :) But let's not get ahead of ourselves, heh. I still need to GET to that point. Lots of work ahead of me this year
[01:30:25] <@LeviathanMist> Mia, you glad no one noticed your typo? :P
[01:30:40] <+MiaDaichi> Which has been submitted to the 91.8 the fan official group on Deviant
[01:30:41] <@LeviathanMist> You'll do it twilly, no problem :P
[01:30:45] <+ggbhtg|Sonic-ing> I repeat
[01:30:46] <+ggbhtg|Sonic-ing> best typo all day


[00:53:48] <+Renku> Misty beat off a monkey! Yay!
[00:53:48] <+Quostin> you leveled past me
[00:53:54] <@LeviathanMist> ...
[00:54:09] <+Quostin> That's so wrong Renku...
[00:54:10] * LeviathanMist goes back to chat quotes thread
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