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Re: Games That Aren't As Bad As People Say

I am going to go DEEP into terribad games territory and say ET isn't as bad as people say.

Yes there is a landfill that people are mining for remnants of the games they buried.
Yes if you pick up a copy and try playing it you will be frustrated to no end and maybe want to end your life.

The same could be said about a LOT of old games that just put you in the game and let you play. Especially graphically ancient games like Atari games.

I used to think ET had no goal. I used to think it was impossible to win. Turns out there is a goal and you can win, and much like many other old games, the key to victory is the Instruction Manual. A relic of a more sophisticated age, where some reading outside of the game was required, and tutorials in game were nigh unheard of.

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