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From the far back Corners of the Internet~

Hey there everyone, this is scsa20, started listening to 91.8 The Fan about a week or so now and loving every minute of it. Can't believe I haven't heard of this place before and I've heard about this from of all places!

About me: first off, I'm a male, 26 years old, live out in Arizona and work in a call center (currently doing floor walking where I'm helping out the new guys on the floor) and been there for way over 4 years.

I'm a computer nerd, and A+ certified and working on my Network+ next. Manage my own web server. I like to tinker with things until it breaks and I can fix it (other then flashing a phone to another provider, I given up on that a long time ago after I made any and all attempts to flash my roommate's phone to another provider).

Which does bring up that I'm also a gadget freak, and enjoy playing with Android devices (I have a Motorola XOOM for my tablet and a Samsung Galaxy S III for my phone) and get them all rooted. I even root other people's devices since I've played with them enough to feel confidence enough that if anything happens I can reverse it.

Anyways, can't really think of much more to say, so if you have any questions ask away, I'm an open book.

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