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Originally Posted by Kanashimi View Post
I heard some negative things about Fanime this year, namely the outage and protesters seemed to be a big deal. Glad to see you had a really good time though, and thanks for the detailed review.
Religious protesters have appeared at previous Fanime conventions, but they are small group. Past Fanime goers have gotten used to them. While some view them as party crashers, most us find them hilarious and make a mockery of them. The video I posted shows two half naked pokemon cosplayers doing sit-ups next the protesters.

Aside from the protesters, there were couple negative things about this year Fanime such as mis-scheduled panels, construction, lengthy registration lines, etc. The board of directors this year were brand new and a little green behind the years. I think they've learned a valuable lesson and will improve the venue for next year.

In fact, during closing ceremony, they gathered feedback from the audience. I proposed they should consider advance registration option in which they mail badges and guide before Fanime starts. Sure it might cost extra, but I'm sure most convention attendees wouldn't mind paying a little extra, so long as they avoid lengthy pre-registration and registration lines on day of.

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