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Re: One Piece: I don't get it

I dodged One Piece as long as i could until i found myself watching it all in one sitting, minus the fillers. I'd previous to watching it, read and watched Bleach and Naruto. I find now that i find One Piece the most enjoyable of the 3.

Bleach has in my opinion the best art, but perhaps the weakest story. ignoring it's awful filler arcs in the anime, the manga has been on a downward spiral for some time. As i girl, i find much of Kubo's character portral for females to be highly offensive. Not to mention the overall qaulity of writing has gone down considerably from the start of the manga. Even Ichigo isn't much of an interesting character anymore.

Naruto has both decent art and story, i'm not a huge fan of it. it seems a little out there at times. The Donzo arc put me off in particular and i haven't been able to follow it well ever since.

This Brings me to One Piece, which has improved greatly in art since it's beginning. however the proportions are still kind of strange and can be off putting, however i would stand strong to say that this manga has the strongest story and characters, nothing seems stupid or out of place and while long the plot seems to be progressing in a much better way then either of the other two.
Also his portrayal of characters is much better, His woman are strong and independent and not clingy useless damsels in distress. Even in the arcs that they are featured in as possible damsels, their characters still seem strong. The other thing i like about One Piece, which is the same thing i enjoy in my favorite manga Death Note. The Grey Area.
We all know pirates are supposed to be bad guys, even the characters know it. Yet often you see the pirates {with some exceptions} of One Piece acting as the heroes of the people fighting against a corrupted government. However, at the same time, you get brief glimpses into the lives of people who live in fear of pirates and revere the government. so you can't help but question, who is the right side in all of this?

That's how i really ended up feeling about the 'big three' after giving each of them a chance^^.

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