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Re: Super Sentai X Kamen Rider movie Taisen

First of all, I am SUPER EXCITED about Decade being the spotlight Kamen Rider (please Toei, don't make Den-O the spotlight hog in all Kamen Rider crossover movies). They are even getting some of the old cast from Decade back.

Aside from my excitement, Decade fits on crossovers since he does have the ability to cross worlds even appearing in Shinkenger/world of no Kamen Rider and that may be the same world that Gokaiger is set in.

I know that Decade is thought of as the hardcore fans' disliked KR series but I thought it was a good series that did it's part.Decade is suppose to be mysterious and doesn't know what world he belongs to, plus he is the 'Dr. Who' of the whole KR series.

Overall, this crossover is going to be great having a ton of Riders and Super Sentai filling the screen.
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