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Re: One Piece: I don't get it

mmm well to be honest starting up one piece at this poing would be VERY taxing it can get pretty good after they finaly get into the Grand Line but will have a few parts where it just seems to drag and quite a few parts that seem utterly pointless...Luffy changes bit by bit but its never really extreame enough to be noticeable his character idea seems to be solely shaped around blind optimism, being goofy, and well...his own low IQ

I completely disagree with all the coments about having to have a low IQ to enjoy One piece...I mean plenty of people enjoy MLP and PSG but you dont see me calling them out for low IQ

all in all I like both Naruto and One Piece (hate bleach tho...stupid vampires) and I think both are worth watching (well without the fillers...) and reading one of the bigger differences I see between naruto and one piece is that One Piece has more or longer fights and better fillers while Naruto has more talking or shorter fights and just.....UGH fillers

Edit: lol rainbow

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