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Re: Favorite Anime Con Events

Originally Posted by Elanora View Post
Cool, I'll be at AWA this year. I'll be sure to take pictures of every Choji I see so I make sure I get you!

My favorite event is the masquerade. I know that's not a rare thing, but it's the truth.

I've seen a couple of Improv masquerades, too. Basically you are given a scene prompt (and sometimes a particular prop to include) and a short amount of time to write and perform a script. Most con attendees are not good at improv comedy, but a few have been really good. I'm tempted to participate in one sometime - it looks like great fun!!
I just hope my hair grows back in time... >.> GAH! I need to get stuff ready.. :(
Also.. do you know if any bands are gonna be there this year? Because I'm looking at the webbie, and I don't see anything yet..

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