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Re: Favorite Anime Con Events

Originally Posted by Ninja4759 View Post
Momocon and AWA... I missed Momocon this year, but I'm not missing AWA. I REFUSE to miss AWA
this year. I highly regret missing last years, in the way that I had someone paying for me to go, and, needless to say, it went to waste. But not this year, no sir. I'm going.

But to answer the question, Favorite events for me are the cosplay contests, and the panels. On a side note, I make a great Choji.. ;)
Cool, I'll be at AWA this year. I'll be sure to take pictures of every Choji I see so I make sure I get you!

My favorite event is the masquerade. I know that's not a rare thing, but it's the truth.

I've seen a couple of Improv masquerades, too. Basically you are given a scene prompt (and sometimes a particular prop to include) and a short amount of time to write and perform a script. Most con attendees are not good at improv comedy, but a few have been really good. I'm tempted to participate in one sometime - it looks like great fun!!
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