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Sonic X-Treme...... I mean Lost Worlds

A Little History:
Back in the glory days, when Sonic was the Pepsi to Mario as Coke. Sonic and Mario fought for dominance as to who would reach the 3D Platform first. As we all know, Mario would hit the 3D planes in Super Mario 64 in 1996.
But due that year was a game entitled "Sonic X-Treme". It was due for the SEGA Genesis, but limits moved it to the 32X, until the 32X became a financial flop, causing them to develop it for the anticipated Sega Saturn. It was due in 1996, but the project was cancelled altogether in 1997 due to too lack of communication between divisions.
Instead Saturn's only 3D game was a more colorful version of the Mega Drive/Genesis' "Sonic 3D Blast" which was also being released that year.

Jump ahead 17 years...

We now have "Sonic: Lost Worlds", an exclusive for the Nintendo WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. Any Sonic/SEGA fan who looked into Sonic X-Treme will immediately see Sonic X-Treme is this. So far there is no info other than whats in the trailer. The new characters, Tiara Boobowski and Professor Gazebo Boobowski, have no appearance in the trailer. And there are 6 new villainous characters.
More info as it becomes available


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