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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

The Demi-Fiend appeared inside the lobby with black shockwave. Slowly standing he eyed his surroundings. Numerous patrons stopped and stared not only at the entrance he made but at Demi-Fiend himself. Shirtless, covered in green and black tatoos a large spike sticking out of the base of his neck and a cold, disapproving expression. Ignoring the on-lookers the Demi-Fiend approached the counter, the woman behind the desk began to blush furiously when she looked up at him.

"M-may I h-help you?" She finally said.

"...I want to register," He replied coldly "...For the tournament."

"Oh! o-okay, um, whats your name?"

"...I am the Demi-Fiend..."

"Er, okay," She nervously fumbled with her keyboard but was eventualy able to print a pass "Here you go sir."

He stared at the woman for a few moments longer then took the pass. He looked around and saw a door labeled "Waiting Room". Entering the room he saw 2 blonde girls, a blond man and a strange boy. He sighed disappointedly.

"If this is all that this world has..." He thought as he sat down on one of the benches "It is surely doomed..."
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