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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

Name: Agito
Anime or Video Game: Anime
Name of Video Game: Air Gear
Information About the Character: He is the Fang King (a.k.a the Shark) with a split-personality. Akito is the "light" side while Agito is the "dark" side. With the return of his Regalia, he is, once again, the Fang King of the Bloody Road. Being able to fire "fangs" of razor sharp wind at his opponents and tear them to shreads with his hooked coat tails, also come at a great advantage in battle.

Name: Misty
Anime or Video Game: Anime and Video Games
Name of Video Game: Pokemon
Information About the Character: Misty is the leader of the Cerulean Gym, specialising in water pokemon. Not doing her fighting directly, each turn she will select a new pokemon to battle for her. Wanting to prove she is the greatest water pokemon trainer, she will be looking to sink her opponents.

I Have Read The Rules!

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