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For the Bronyes out there that check the fan
Well I know is a little old to announce but still I like it and well... stuff happens

I saw this Fan-Fic of MLP when it came out last week on the its premier

and I love it, I say it as a brony an as a fan fic lover. The people that made this possible SillyFillyStudios, took a long time to make it and they had many delays because off o time consuming issues and not enough people to help out. and finally after months of wait they finish it, but their work is outstanding, as a fan-fic is as if you were actually seen an Episode of the Actual series the voices and animation are well made, and lets not talk about the story line since it made me want to cry.

well if you haven't seen it check it out even if you are not a brony, I highly recommend you to see it
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