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Holiday things you could do without

Since we're in the midst of THAT time of the year, I found myself being surrounded by and reminded of the many things that I really wouldn't miss around the holidays.

Yes, Maki the Grinch!!! XD

So, as the title suggests, what are some things you could do without this time of the year? It can be as simple as a list or a full out, bah humbug, rant! :D

For me, it is holiday fruitcake, or whatever that ball of slime-looking thing is supposed to be.

I mean, I see them EVERYWHERE, yet no one EVER touches them off the table of goodies.

Office parties, family parties, etc, etc...what the heck are people thinking!?!? XD

They are better used as door stops than a consumable food.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Be The Grinch! GO GO GO!

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