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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

Originally Posted by Kate View Post
Why "Awww?" You just need to make a character. O_o
Oh!!! I thought Reserved meant something else in that case!!!!
Name: Nick Hikari
Appearance: 6,1 a light brown complexion. Nick wears his old and worn Team Rocket hoodie and a dirty Pokemon Ranger cap backwards along with his blue jeans with his pokeballs on his belt with his dirty running shoes.
History: Nick was born and raised in Goldenrod City at 17 he joined Team Rocket thinking at the time they were cool. But soon after he discovered their true colors when he saw a young Mareep and Larvitar being forced to evolve. He quit the gang and rescued the two young Pokemon soon after the ordeal the the two began to trust thing and were grateful of his actions. As time when on the Pokemon fully trusted Nick and became his own Pokemon now Nick want to attend the Pokemon Academy to become a Pokemon Ranger to help Pokemon everywhere!
Personality: Nick may look menacing but is a nice, laid back and often a silly guy and a procrastinator. But when the time calls for it he is serious.
Party: Larvitar, Mareep
Schedule: Pokemon Basics: 8AM to 9AM
Battle and Training: 9AM to 10AM
Pokemon Environment Watch: 10AM to 11AM
Lunch: 11AM to Noon
Pokemon Care: Noon to 1PM
Travel Basics: 1PM to 2PM

Pokemon: Larvitar, Mareep
Pokemon Name: Tyrant, Sami
Pokemon Gender: Male, Female
Pokemon Appearance: Larvitar has blue wristbands to cover the damage from the forced evolution. Mareep has a cute red bow on her hear to cover a scar caused by the rockets.
Pokemon Personality: Larvitar is shy to new people and hides behind Nick. Mareep is always determined to anything it does and has the habit of taking things.

Sorry im late :O

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