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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

((OOC: I might as well say this now. If you read the introduction careful, it said, "On your first day, you'll obtain your second Pokemon in your first class. Whoever you get is decided by the person who signs-up before you." So, this is how it is..

I choose for Shadow.
Shadow chooses for Grim.
Grim chooses for Shidohari.
Shi chooses for me, twice. *as I have two characters*

Anyone who joins in later, I'll choose for them. With that said, Shadow, the Pokemon you'll be getting when the first class starts is Seedot.))

Naomi and Eevee walked down two flights of stairs from her floor, second floor, to the ground floor. As they began to walk away from the building, the trainer unzipped her pouch and revealed one of her small Pokeballs from within. As she zipped it back up, she clicked what seemed to be a white button in the center of the ball. By doing this, the ball grew three times larger than it originally was.

"Alright! Come on out, Rapidash!"

Throwing the ball a short distance, the opened Pokeball shot out a red beam. The light formed a five foot seven horse. This horse's body was a yellowish-white color with flames burning brightly on the back of its head to the end of the body. The end formed a tail that too was on fire. Near its feet, flames also appeared on the back of its legs. At the very top of Rapidash's head, there was a horn that was the same color as its body.

"Good morning, Rapidash," she said, petting its head. "I got a favor to ask you." The Pokemon looked over at her master, curiously. "I need you to take Eevee and I to PKMN Academy." She pointed out a building to the west. "Is that okay, girl?" The horse nodded its head as she smiled happily. "Thanks, Rapidash!" She hopped onto the horse's back. With Rapidash, they can change the temperature and feeling of the flame depending on who touches it. Eevee jumped into her trainer's arms. "Hold on tightly, Eevee. Rapidash can run very fast." She looked forward. "Whenever you're ready, girl."

The Pokemon began with a quick few steps walk. Then, its speed began to pick up, soon dashing towards the school at 45 mph. Within the next one to two minutes, all three had made it to the school.


Meanwhile, Naomi had came out of the bathroom with her regular get-up. This consisted of a green shirt with a skirt attached to it at the very end, her silver rose bracelet, a belt around her waist with a small brown pouch attached to it, black shorts underneath the green skirt, and white socks. Her Torchic had its head against the drawer, sleeping. There was thirty-five minutes left till the first class began.

Brushing her hair, she called out to her Pokemon. "Torchic, wake up. We're leaving in a few minutes." She placed the brush down and opened the top drawer above the small chick. She took out some pokemon food for him. "Here you go, boy." She placed it in a bowl she had brought with her for him. The Pokemon began to nom on the food. "Don't take too long, Torchic. I want to leave in five minutes."

Finishing up with her hair, she put the brush away and walked over to the door, just as Naomi did. She lowered herself on the ground and began placing her shoes on. Her little chick just about finished its breakfast. He ran over to its master who was just finishing tying her right foot shoe. She rechecked herself in case she forgot something.

"I think I'm good. How about you, Torchic?" she asked, glancing down at her partner.


"I'm taking that as you're ready. Alright. Shall we?" Just like her roommate, they both left their dorm room and to the hallway of their floor. They had a five to ten minute walk ahead of them. She followed the same normal path as all the female students would take.

On their way to the academy, they stumbled upon a battle taking place in the school's nearby park. The two trainers were both male. One Pokemon was three foot seven (3'7). Its body was green with yellow feet. Its back was covered with a brown shell like top. The second was a two foot seven (2'7) blue penguin.

"Grotle, Razor Leaf!" said the first male trainer.

"Gro!" Several leaves from the small bush like plants on its back emerged. They were swung directly at its opponent.

"Prinplup, Metal Claw those leaves!" The penguin's hands began to glow. It started to cut down the leaves coming at it.

Claire was amazed. "A Grotle and Prinplup!" She took out a Pokedex.

"Prinplup, the Penguin Pokemon. Its wings deliver wicked blows that snap even the thickest of trees. It searches for prey in icy seas. Grotle, the Grove Pokemon. It lives along water in forests. In the daytime, it leaves the forest to sunbathe its treed shell."

Torchic began pecking its beak on her leg. "Ow! Alright, alright. We'll keep going." She put away her brother's pokedex away and made her way towards the school again.
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